4.5 Year Old Male Green Tree Monitor

  • Erstellungsdatum: 27-06-2021

4.5 Year Old Male Green Tree Monitor I am unfortunately getting out of the hobby and am selling my Green Tree Monitor. 4.5 year old male, about 28" total length. Has been in my care since he was about 1.5 months old. Purchased from Reptile Rapture as a…

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Quince Monitor - Varanus Melinus

  • Erstellungsdatum: 15-05-2021

Quince Monitor - Varanus Melinus Haven't had this little Quince Monitor long but he/she has been feeding exceptionally well on all manner of bugs and chopped mice. Occasionally tong feeds but he/she chases down every bug thats within eyesight so certainly…

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Varanus beccarii

  • Erstellungsdatum: 15-05-2021

2 (probable 1.1) remain available 0.0.4 US CBB F1 Varanus beccarii - produced by me from wc animals I raised from juveniles. Email

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