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1,1 Tiliqua rugosa rugosa x Tiliqua scincoides chimaera (only pair in the world) hybrids, adults.
0,1 Tiliqua scincoides scincoides (Eastern Australia locality) adult.
0,1 Tiliqua sp. Irian Jaya, adult.
0,0,7 Geochelone carbonaria 2018 pos. het. Albino (incubated for 3,4)
0,1 Python anchietae, semi-adult.
Can be delivered to the reptile expo in Hamm (Germany) this weekend.
Trades possible:
1,0 Morelia spilota spilota (Diamond python) adult.
1,1-1,2 Malacochersus tornieri.
1,0 Homopus signatus.


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